Bar Soap Jesus(es)

email subject: “as discussed”

Today I had at least a 15 minute phone conversation with my dad about an exciting development in his world; he’s started to find faces, perhaps the face of god actually, in bars of soap. You see, my mother – being the good Irish-Catholic, I grew up poor and know how to feed a family of 10 on 2 carrots and some chicken bones or something, woman that she is – saves those little slivers of soap that you get down to toward the end of a bar. She then squishes them together, creating a lumpy, multi-colored bar of soap that embarrasses you when you are a 15 year old girl, when everything embarrasses you and god, why can’t we have those pump bottles of soap, maybe even the sun-ripened raspberry soap with those little anti-bacterial beads from Bath and Body Works, instead of this nasty lumpy bar of soap.

Anyways, so my mom still does that and I guess my dad recently noticed that one of the bars of soap was starting to resemble “a gargoyle”. He excitedly grabbed his camera to document this but “the flash messed it up”. He said maybe he’d “Photoshop it” so you could see the face (he does not know how to “Photoshop” things). Unfortunately, the gargoyle face dissolved/was used up as happens with soap. Never fear though. Once the gargoyle was down to a little sliver my mom smushed that guy right into another bar and low and behold, another face appeared.

This time the face bore a striking resemblance to “those guys I like to draw” (please see post from Feb 20th, 2011). To emphasize the similarity my dad added a single black seed (taken from my parent’s bountiful supply of bird seed because they have actually become the kind of adorable old people that watch birds) to the “eyeball” of the face.

This morning my dad told me he wanted to share this incredible sighting with me but was worried that the “flash would mess it up again”. He asked if he should mail it to me but I said that was not necessary and that he should keep it. It looks like he addressed his photography issues and salvaged the gargoyle picture because this arrived in my inbox a few hours later. Why I decided to explain this particular interaction in such detail, when it is really no different than many of my day to day interactions with my father, I am not sure. But there you are.


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