Monkey Boy in Love

January 2010

About a year ago I found myself in a bit of a financial jam. I turned to my parents to ask them if they could help me out. I haven’t done this for years and I was a little nervous to ask. I called my dad and to my pleasant surprise he responded very positively. I was further surprised to get an email within the hour (quicker than expected) with the subject line “our recent conversation”. Initially I thought he had actually talked to my mother but as I read past the first line, I realized this was not the case. If you were wondering, they didn’t lend me any money and after this email I never heard anything further on the topic. I survived. 🙂

A side note: This is Ernie’s second appearance in my dad’s work (see Monkey Boy in the garden series), but the first appearance of Nicky, my favorite doll from childhood, who now lives in my dad’s office where she may actually get played with more now than she did when I was a kid.


After we got off the phone I talked to mom.

Monkey Boy had been asking us if he could come back home and stay with us for a short time while he and his fiance saved up for a down payment on a new home.

They both agreed that they would pay us a reasonanble rent.

This would go a long way in helping us help you with your credit card bills.

I hope you don’t mind but for the time being we are going to let them use your room.

They seem very much in love

They both said that it would be okay if I sent this picture I took of them

Love You



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