Happy Hoildaze

Newsprint, photocopied driver’s license photo

Originally created in the mid-1990’s, shared November 2010

This email was was sent to my dad’s (small) group of friends and some family with the subject line “Happy Hoildaze” (misspelled intentionally and unintentionally) and the following message:

Soon that special time of the year will be upon us.
Once again the girls and I would like to wish
you and yours the very best for the Holidays!

At first I thought it was a picture of our family (and he momentarily forgot he had a son) but when I opened the attachment I saw a vary familiar site. This image, of Dad “singing” with the Harlem Girl’s Choir, was a fixture on the wall of his basement office. Before the days of computers and the high-end technology he now uses, my dad spent a lot of time photocopying, cutting, pasting and faxing. That driver’s license photograph must have been super-imposed on hundreds of newspaper clippings over the years. This was one of the less creepy images he created with that photo, believe it or not.


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