Mickey and Judy

March 2010 Email subject line: “just when you thought it was safe to go outside again” (which from what I can tell has nothing to do with the image but I have a sinking feeling he is somehow referencing the recent nuclear meltdown in Japan). Advertisements Continue reading

The Glove Don’t Fit

  Paper, wooden figure, first communion lace glove I received this email after a phone call that was otherwise normal, until out of nowhere my dad interrupted me to ask, “remember that court case where the football player was on trial for killing his wife and her lover?”. me – “You mean the OJ Simpson … Continue reading

El Kinda Eyewear

February 2011 At first I really didn’t want to tell my dad that I was going to create this blog because the strangeness of his creations stemmed mainly from the fact that he did this for his own amusement or a very, very select audience. I didn’t want him to become too self aware (or … Continue reading